Shared Listing at Swan Yacht Brokerage

Rate of broker's commission = T.B.A. of sale price*

In co-operation with other brokerage houses, we offer their Central Agency yachts, and sometimes their Open Listed yachts, to our clients. The reverse is equally true. Sometimes we may, by prior agreement, include their listings in our advertising, and vice versa. Good relationships have built up between brokers who, despite being competitors, are glad and, in the case of Central Agencies, responsible to share their listings to create a wider market in the service of their clients' interests. These activities involve neither yacht owners nor purchasers in extra costs as there are regular arrangements for commission sharing between co-operating brokers.

If a potential purchaser wishes Swan Yacht Brokerage to seek out yachts to present for consideration, we always contact other brokerage houses world-wide, as well as referring to our database of yacht owners.




Swan Yacht Brokerage is an independent company that is in no way connected to Nautor's Swan, the Nautor Group or their agents.
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